Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I haven't posted in forever. You all must know why that is. My husband and I are on a stay-at-home vacation. Sounds awesome, right? I plan on stamping, going out for lunch, catch a movie, etc. My DH had other great ideas. Let's clean!

John and I were going to clean the 3-season porch, get rid of toys, and make more storage for all my stuff. It has taken us days! All my kids have activities that we have been going to in between trying to get this done. Meanwhile, our backsplash tile is getting done by the guy who remodeled our kitchen. Carpet cleaner came yesterday, too. Too much activity for a relaxing week.

Here is proof! Maybe I can post pics of my kitchen and backsplash in progress tomorrow since I can't that I will have time (or space) to stamp today. Baseball game tonight...

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Rose Ann said...

Good for you! We need to do this so bad...but seem to never make the time.