Wednesday, May 16, 2007

another vacation day

Our family is off to Cedar Point today. We go at least once a year since I was old enough to go. In 1985, my freshman year in college, I even worked there for the summer. It was on my life list of things I've always wanted to do. I sold tickets, attended the exit gate, and walked around sweeping. That year I got a good tan and made a lot of friends. If you make it to Northern Ohio and love amusement parks, you have to go. It is the place to go for thrill rides. Sorry for the commercial, but we love that place.
My final point is: I won't be stamping or cleaning today!


Michelle Lewis said...

Sounds like a blast! Hope ya'll had fun!

Dottie K said...

Went there when my sister lived in Ohio two years ago. Had a blast! They got on every rollercoast up there. I have had arm surgery - so no more rollercoasts for me:(. Hope your family had a wonderful time.