Thursday, March 01, 2007

quite a scene

Unmounted rubbah. Seems like a sin, huh? It sits as I seem to find other projects to complete. When I get new stamp sets, (note, I say, SETS) I copy the sticker sheet, intact. I place one in my inventory notebook and place the other inside the stamp box in case there are several lone stamps and we need to figure out which set it belongs to. Then, I mount away. I figure after finishing a scrapbook page or 2, I will mount a few. There is some goodies from the Winter mini as well as the Spring mini. I have so many cards ideas to CASE with Doodle This and Doodle That stamp sets. Pan back, and see the whole picture of what I am up against. Another mess. Add it to my list of things to do.

1 comment:

Lois said...

LOL at 1st glimpse, I thought this was my desk. I love your blog and I am casing lots that you do. Thanks for sharing your talent!